Truck Wheel Alignment


Truck Wheel Alignment

Contact Steven on 071-308-5741 for a precision Truck & Trailer wheel alignment.

Wheel Alignment prices:

Horse and Trailer (unit) – R995.00
Trailers: 2 Axle – R550.00
3 Axle – R650.00
5 Axle – R850.00
Trucks: Single Axle – R550.00
Double Axle – R650.00
Wheel Balancing (each) – R120.00

Check your Wheel Alignment Free within one Month after invoice!!!

Truck & Trailer wheel alignment done on site as well as mobile alignment.  When a truck is aligned it means all the tyres are rolling in the same direction that the vehicle is traveling in – it pays to go straight!

Proper wheel alignment reduced operating costs through longer tyre life, including significant improvements in fuel economy and component wear.