Tested to the extreme for quality & durability!

At XXX Exhaust & Silencer services we offer a wide range of products.  Our products are on par with OEM quality and standards except that our products are manufactured and specially designed to last longer than the OEM products, as it was put to the test.

The products were tested to the extreme and revealed that it also can endure any circumstances and conditions.  It counts for all cars, trucks, generators and all earthmoving equipment etc.  We also supply the aftermarket clientele and the OEM in certain circumstances.

31 years in business

Exhuast manufacturers and silencer manufacturers since 1984 for cars, trucks, busses, earthmoving equipment, compressors, generators, golf carts, forklifts, mobile cranes etc.

Product guarantees

We are proud to offer a 1 year guarantee of mild steel products and a 5 year guarantee on stainless steel products.

Featured Products


Some of our Products

  • Y-pieces
  • Branch cones
  • Seal clamps
  • Turbo clamps
  • Collar clamps
  • U-bolt clamps
  • Scania V-clamps
  • Volvo V-clamps
  • Turbo Flared
  • Reducers
  • Adaptors
  • Cones
  • Ring
  • Raincaps
  • Triangle / square gaskets
  • Mounting hanger rubbers
  • Bends 90*, 60*, 45*, 30*
  • Bends 180*
  • Short press bends
  • Straight tubing (P/M) (M/S)
  • Stainless steel (P/M) (M/S)
  • Rolled pipe 1.6 m long x 2 mm W/T
  • Panted stack pipes
  • Chrome Stack pipes
  • Chrome stack pipes with built-in silencer
  • Chrome muffler guards
  • Support securing stand for stack system
  • Heated shield
  • Flexible tubing (galvanised) (P/M)
  • Flexible tubing (stainless steel) (P/M)
  • Female collars
  • Male collars
  • Knucklees
  • Mercedes Benz Flex Couplers – mild steel
  • Mercedes Benz Flex Couplers – stainless steel
  • Braided Flex
  • Compensators
  • Duetz engines mild steel cylinders
  • Hatz mild steel cylinders
  • Hatz stainless steel cylinders
  • Universal silencers
  • Silencer Straps
  • Support mounting brackets
  • Truck silencers